Clerk of Percolation Test Record Results

Lola Burd

Phone: 908.735.4107, ext. 102
Fax: 908.735.0485


Requirements for Percolation Tests

The cost for a percolation test is $500 per day per lot.

This fee must paid prior to the day of the test to the municipality.

The applicant or the applicant's engineer must call to schedule an appointment with the percolation clerk.

Duties of the Clerk of Percolation Test Record Results

Township Ordinance 32-3 establishes the duties of the Clerk of Percolation Test Record Results.

"The percolation clerk is to "maintain a log of percolation test results which shall be indexed by Tax Map lot and block and street name and shall be include numbers of all percolation test holes dug, depth, and test results; and in addition, soil log results shall also be recorded. Additional information shall include engineers' and technicians' names, prevailing weather conditions and notes submitted by the percolation test witness."